Vex Bartering

I think there should be a section on vex forums that you can sell parts that you don’t want or barter for parts that you need. I think that would be awesome. Of course there might be some issues on the truthfulness of other members and actually getting the product you paid/ bartered for. But as a general idea, I think it should be implemented some how.

What does the vex community think?

I think this sounds like a great idea. But yes, truthfulness would be hard to manage. Also another drawback is the billing part. This is a good way for people in the VEX community to interact with each other too.

I know you are a new member, but this would have been a cool poll.

as far as Honesty Vex could do a barter feedback system simular to ebay.

as others have said, i have to agree that it would be really cool, but just not manageable. maybe IFI can set up a store on Ebay?

Whats the point of IFI selling parts on ebay when you can just go to vexlabs?

This would be a place to buy and sell used parts for lower prices than vexlabs sells.

All you would be doing was makeing a forum on this site into an ebay like place. It would be harder for people to make transactions though because they would have to figure out how to do it themselves.

one problem i can see, is why would IFI sell parts for a lower price, on their own website that also has the othe items?

Chief Delphi’s discussion forums web site has barter-ish section listing offers and needs. With a little prodding, I’m pretty sure that VexLabs could add a similar feature to the VexLabs Forums Portal; if they care to.


good idea:D but ifi would probably turn it down cause it would be easier just to have ppl sell all parts they dont want on ebay

As said earlier I just wanted to reitterate the fact that places like Ebay were made for stuff like that, though it may not be a bad thing to have it on Vex. (but it might be bad too, no offence…:smiley: )

Maybe people could just post links to the actual auction on ebay?

but then you don’t know if you are getting that item to a certain person or not if you are trading

Yah seriously:cool:

I agree with the feed back system, and also agree that this program would be a big part for VEXLabs, but as`well as providing us with cheep pieces, maby %5 of the sales could go to VEX Labs to help support the website, also similar to E-Bay:D

Yeah, that is a good idea:D