VEX-based Hour of Code Activity

​Get involved with Computer Science Education Week by programming a VEX robot online through Hour of Code!

Robot Mesh partnered with the Hour of Code to create a tutorial featuring our online “Mimics,” virtual VEX IQ robots you can program online. We also used the Robot Mesh Studio online CAD system to design a real VEX IQ robot. Robot Mesh offers both a virtual Mimic option, as well as the option to program a real VEX IQ robot.

Here is a direct link to the VEX IQ Hour of Code activity:

Robot Mesh is a partner of the Hour of Code and you can find our tutorial featured on their Robotics Activities page here. Learn |

Click either link and engage in the Hour of Code with either virtual VEX IQ robots OR with VEX IQ robots you build yourself!

You can also use the online VEX IQ CAD program for free online:

I know this is not VEX EDR, or VRC, but running an Hour of Code is a great outreach project for a VRC team. If you need some help getting started, please let me know. Hour of Code is HUGE and this is the first time a VEX-based activity has been included in their approved list. Let’s get kids programming robots and not virtual bugs crawling through virtual mazes…