VEX bashing, please stop

Hi, there have been a few threads containing posts implying general incompetency by the VEX people. That really needs to stop.

I’ve been doing VEX since it was FVC playing Hang 'n Around. I started out with PIC, and less than 20 teams in DE/PA. I’ve watched VEX improve systems, parts, etc. I lived through the PIC “Back-Pack” for Vexnet (no more antennas poking people in the face) and the flip over to Cortex.

It was a much smaller population and has been pointed out, VEX is a very small part of the IFI empire.

VEX has made a huge incursion into education, their education market is much, much larger than the competitive side. Again we are a very small part.

The people that work for VEX are very smart. There are people from industry that have a ton of experience. Some of them are the “who’s who” in competition robotics. So they know what we are going through.

They are currently in a hole. And we all know the First Rule of Holes is “STOP DIGGING”.

In my day job, I’ve done what they are doing:“Hey, I can aggravate the living daylights of you, miss milestones, deadlines, ship dates for the next set of months, or I can stop, regroup, re-plan, put together a schedule we can meet with our suppliers and get this back together.” Stopping is often appreciated in the long run.

They are a company, they have people to pay, suppliers to pay, etc. The trade-in was a huge bonus, but they didn’t need to do it. “Hey Ford, the new 2018 is pretty nice, can I trade my 2010 with high mileage for 1/2 list price on a 2018?”

So I’d like to see the bashing to stop.

I get the impression from a lot of posts that this is the worst thing that ever has and ever will happen to you. Trust me, it’s not.

I’d really like the VEX competition community to pull together and say “Ok, we are in this together, how do we help each other.” For example there are a huge number of you that have V5’s and a ton of unloved 393’s. I’ve given up on V5 for this season, but I now have a demand for my 18 teams for about 36-40 393 motors and 29 controllers. So being able to match needs vs wants would be good.

Lets pull together, work with each other, help make everyone’s season a good one. We are still 3.5 months away from March 1, we have time.


This ^^^ Thank you.
Let’s move back to robot discussion! (It’s a lot more fun.)

Well said.

Competition this Sunday - my teams are not ready, so I get to have fun helping at the event.

Thank you!

Sure, Vex hasn’t been very good about their word, but I still support them. I’m starting to lose faith, but I’m hanging in there. I have hope.


Staying positive…I love it. One of life’s greatest challenges is staying positive in the wake of adversity.

Who are you and where is the Foster we all know and love. Give us a rant, Give us a rant.

Okay so in so far as blindly yelling at VEX and using VEX’s mistakes as a reason we shouldnt continue to improve I agree. Regardless of how we got to this point in the season, the world has not ended and most teams can still compete and have a positive experience. Talks about lawsuits is uncalled for, people that ordered and were promised “ships in 8 weeks” loosely got their parts in around that time.

However VEX has been losing an awfully large amount of staff over the last year, most of them in the upper management without aggressively hiring to fill those positions. From the multi year long delay in the actual design of the V5 system I think VEX needs to hire significantly more engineers and from the slow rollout of VCS I think VEX needs to hire more software engineers. So it seems that any future products will be even more understaffed than this product was.

What we can’t have is VEX thinking in a year “ehh we pulled it off in the end so time to go back to business as usual”. I want to see VEX respond in a way that shows that are learning a lesson.

I think that it would be awesome if Vex actively sought out VexU graduates to recruit. Having former students making up a large body of the company would help them relate to our problems more. And maybe some ideas that have been bouncing around the community for awhile now can eventually become a reality.

[No… I totally am not talking about a water game…] :wink:

I was under the impression they already hire quite a few VRC or other robotics competition alumni already.

I’m sure they do. But I don’t know if they actively attended competitions with recruitment scouts.


Well said.

When the president of VEX and lots of IFI and VEX engineers are there, Worlds is the best recruitment hotbed.

I guess I just haven’t been. (I suck lol.)
I withdraw my thoughts from this part of tge the conversation, as they are not doing anyone much good.