Vex Basics 101

Hi, most of my team is new to vex robotics so I am making them a video explaining common terms and other important aspects for vex robotics. I need to make sure I have the basics. So what should I include?

You should include how to build and when to use certain parts, like when to use kemp nuts and how you use them.


Thank you! I didn’t even think about this.

@KeplerElectronics has done this already, just so ya know :slight_smile:

It’s just for building though.

With this type of broad question, I would recommend performing a search through the Vexforum database of topics. Keywords such as “Beginner” “VEX Basics” and “Tutorial” may help bring some valuable results. Here are some topics to get you started.

Hope that helps, and good luck! :grin:


Imo the best way to find all the knowledge you need for your video is to pop over to the vex wiki

The wiki contains every concept that your team needs to know, from building a chassis to odometry (though I doubt they would get into topics like that of its their first year)


Insert shameless plug for the VEX Knowledge Base.


Hey, where the heck is dark mode on vexcode V5? it used to be there, but now it’s gone. I’ve been away’ for like 6 months and everything is different in the software.

In VEXcode Pro V5, select “Preferences” from the “File” menu, and under the last item, “Editor Theme” choose “Dark” (which I believe is the default).

VEXcode V5 (non-Pro) does not support dark mode, and as far as I know, never has.

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If they are really new then the design process as well as how to create a successful notebook may come in handy.

For context, everyone on my team except me are in my school’s engineering academy.

How do i use a torque shaft without drilling out our metal? i need to use it for our lift.

I assume you mean the 1/4 high strength Shaft? If so, then there is no way that I know of that you can create a reliable and strong opening for it to go through without drilling through the metal.

aww man i cant drill out our metal

Is it because of lack of tools? We use a hand drill and a stepper bit that we use to go up the the 1/4 inch size with. You could also use a dremel.

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no my coach all we have is brand new metal so she doesn’t want us to cut the brand new metal.

btw: what state are you from

You might be able to get away with 1/8 in shaft. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it kinda depends on the type of arm you are building. Just make sure to use bearings if you do that.

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Arkansas my cousin live in tennessee sometimes

Also, If you are using gears (it won’t work if you use a direct-drive lift, but I wouldn’t recommend that anyway), you might be able to use a screw joint on the main load-bearing gears. As far as I know, screws will be stronger than 1/8" shafts, but not as strong as 1/4" ones.

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Definitely include the importance of maintaining an engineering notebook to keep the team on track.