VEX Batteries / Charger

You have asked for it and now, we are happy to announce that the Vex Power Pack is available as individual items sold separately. You can now get spares and/or replacements as needed.

Thank You VERY MUCH!! Another Team Mentor needs a replacment Vex Power Pack (his is dead).

Also thank you for the Replacement Battery Holders. I had a student cut one pair off the robot, they did not know they were reusable.

Ya! Now we can replace our 2 year old 9.6v VEX batteries that die like crazy!

Its great to have battery options and replacements! Thanks VEX support staff

Does anyone see benefits to converting to LiPoly battieries (i.e. lighter, more capacity)? Most of the hobby aircraft market has successfully converted to LiPoly so I would imagine that the option of Li Poly is coming soon to VEX.

well, yes, LiPo batteries have more capacity and are lighter, but they can be dangerous. There are cases of them randomly exploding. and i also think the abbreiviation is Lipo, not Lipoly.

Awesome now we can finally replace all those missing pieces, and those really old 7.2v batteries. It was suggested to us that those might have been the cause of some of our troubles…

Thats Great!