Vex Batteries

I’m part of spanish Vex-U tem ARLO1.
Today we have arrived to New York and next week we will be at worlds.
We have lost our batteries in the travel so we have to buy new ones for the competition.
Do you guys recommend us to buy them at the first day of worlds or it’s better to us to buy them here, in New York?
We don’t know the city so we would really appreciate a recommendation for vex shop.

Do you mean the batteries for the robot? The VEX batteries?

Or do you mean 9Volt and such batteries?

Obviously VEX batteries. @agjguti there’s no VEX shop, just ordering it online. If you have time and money for 1 day shipping, go ahead and get them, but I would recommend getting them at Worlds so that you don’t waste money on shipping them to you, only to have them take too long. We have 2 extra batteries that y’all can use in an emergency.

I don’t know how if the issue has been resolved yet since it’s been 2 days but I would recommend getting just a couple of batteries in New York/1 day shipping IF you can that is. The reason why being is that, when you test/run your robot, your battery voltage some times affects how your robot runs (ex. auto). I would get them if you can right now and start “getting used to” these batteries first and then maybe get more during Worlds.

I have 8 batteries and 8 chargers you can use. I would hate for you to have to purchase new ones. I will be arriving on Wednesday and at inspections. Let me know if you would like to use them. Email me @