VEX Battery Charging Station

Here’s a VEX charging stating from team 9553 that others can check out and replicate if they want. This station powers 12 battery packs (all cords are hidden inside the frame) and also has an additional power strip on top to charge laptops/phones as well as two USB power ports. Finally, there’s a variable speed fan that pulls air out of the center channel to keep it cool inside so the batteries and chargers don’t get overheated. All rolls on caster wheels with locks and everything is powered off of one main power plug going out the back. Helps prevent the rats nest of cords/chargers/power strips and puts it all together into one simple and portable package. Thanks again to the 323 Aftershock folks who came up with a design a while back that I used as a starting point for ideas to help put this together.

Whoa!!! I like it!

Can you repost the pictures again the link appears broken.

Same… cannot see them

Has anyone else had issues with Vex batteries getting hot on the chargers? Ours do quite frequently, and if it continues to affect our batteries’ performance I may attempt a fully sealed liquid cooling system for the batteries, with a few other features mixed in if I have time. If I get around to it, I will post pictures (and maybe a time lapse of building it), but that won’t be for a while. I need to build a few planters as part of a science fair project, and finish a few things on our robot before State in 8 days.

The batteries get hot from the amount of current being pumped into them, in my case they only get excessively hot when the Chargers are on fast but when they are on safe they don’t get too warm even when charging like 18 batteries side by side.

I really wish VEX would invest in creating a product such as this:

The chargers they provide are not good for the price. For the same cost you can buy the above charger, which will charge virtually any battery (SLA, NiMH, LiPo, LiFe), and you can monitor mAh’s, voltage, etc. You can also regulate the charge current, so if you are in no hurry you can dial it was down so that the batteries do not overheat at all. I understand VEX doesn’t want people to be able to overcharge their batteries to get an edge. But they could simply design their own charger with these features, but caps the max voltage cutoff.

I fly quadcopters and I use this charger for batteries. It is amazing for the money.

By the way, I think all images are down on the forums right now, not just the OP’s pictures. I can’t view any profile pictures either right now.

Yeah, looks like images are having a few issues. Talking of charging stations, we have a cute little robot for our charging :D. Handle and all, power bars and chargers included, not by any means the most elegant solution available, with cables and the likes visible, but it’s pretty cool. Very handy when you’re at a competition and you just want to place it down and get right to making sure your Robot ain’t broke. :stuck_out_tongue: