Vex Battery Voltage Indicator?

When we were at Worlds this year some guy came around and handed out these little slips of paper for some sort of Orange plug that had a screen on it and would read out the current voltage or something of the battery it was plugged in to. Does anybody remember this or have any idea what its called? I lost my slip and cant find the product on the Internet. Thanks

we have things that do that in FRC called battery beak, a quick google search only returned those thing from FRC, they are designed to be used with FRC batteries, but maybe one could make an adapter to go to vex batteries

Perhaps you are talking about a voltage tester like This.

The Battery Beak from Cross the Road Electronics works with the two types of VEX batteries. I was a beta tester, they work really well.

$7 on amazon. We used this indicator and connected it to a cable from a broken battery charger. Connect red and white to the positive cable and black to negative on the battery and it reads off a voltage. We encased it in an old phone case to make it durable and portable for checking voltages at competitions.

Here is the link: