Vex batts and chargers

During the recent season, vex batteries were giving us quite a bit of problems.

Charging them with the provided charger would cause the LED to start blinking after 4 mins or so (which means charging stopped after 4 mins). Obviously the battery was still flat, so we had to repeatedly unplug and replug the battery every 4 minutes to have it charged to full charge, or until it can charge the battery itself without user intervention till it is fully charged.

Anyone having similar issues? The batteries are about 1 year old.

I’m considering getting a commercial smart charger with discharger too.

Discharging them is a viable option. Sometimes the batteries do not charge properly if not inserted into the charger correctly. We have used a hobby charger/discharger for a year now and it has been successful in keeping most of our batteries conditioned and working.

I have had a problem like this. If it is the robot battery, you have to put it in the charger so that it pushes two tabs on the charger. That way your charger can tell the difference… I think. Your charger might “think” the battery is the 9v one.:slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

oh so those things for pressing down are not just for show? :o

Nope… they do have a purpose.

ok thanks

btw does anyone know if the charger charges TWO batteries simultaneously or one at a time?

From what I see it looks like its charging one at a time.

One at a time.

okay noted.

Guess this summer I’ll be up and trying to make something to charge 8 batteries simultaneously…