VEX Biped Completed

The Vex Biped is completed
After 10 hours of work I finaly finished. You can check out the Biped robot in the gallery. The motion of the biped is great. The joints at the knee and at the upper body work perfectly. The balance is a little bit off but I am working on correcting it. I will soon update the image to the final finsihed version which will walk with perfect balance. Post your comments and questions.

I haven’t finsihed programming it yet, so it doesn’t walk by itself, I am using a remote control

good luck on that programming:eek:

The Vex Biped
Vex biped 006.jpg

looks like a good concept for making a bi-ped. i can get an idea of how it works but if you could post a video it would be complete in my mind. thanks


Does it use servos or motors and how fast can it walk?

Also when you say you’re programming it do you plan on making custom commands to make it go forward with only one button on the controller. What I mean is so that you don’t have to manually control each joint and motor.

Very Good work Technic-R-C! It looks like it is not a shuffle bot (dragging feet). Can not wait to see more of your designs. i have only just finished the legs for mine. Keep up the good work. Gary :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool:


Thanks everyone

To answer copra’s question, the robot uses motors. The gear conversions allow the robot joints to move very slowly. (motors aren’t jerky) When I finish programming it, the biped should be able to move a leg like a human. First the upper body joint will move and then the knee joint will move. I am hoping to get a video of this up soon but I don’t have anything to record it with.

very cool, can you make a video of it walking?

I’ll make a video as soon as possible once I get a video recorder

VERY NICE! I like the way you’ve articulated the legs instead of having a single joint at the body! Very inventive!

I haven’t really thought about it until now but programming a Biped is really hard. Our everday walking motion is very complex for a robot. This might take a while… I’ve got the right leg programmed already

If you got the right leg isn’t it the same for the left leg?

One problem I see with the design (I probably posted this in the gallery) is that the robot cannot tilt to one side. If you add this function, the robot would be way easier to walk and program because you can move a leg forward while it is in the air (here’s the robot me and my brother made, and it seemed to work ok for a vex biped)

looks like an interseting design if you can post more pics of your biped from different angles.

unfortunately I can’t, we already took it apart to start prototyping FVC ideas, but it did work pretty well. There are two motors right above the “feet” that tilt the robot left and right and we managed to use only 1 motor to move the legs forward or backward (depending on which one was in the air) if you take a closer look you will see that there is only one motor to the left of the battery pack

In the human motion when one leg moves, the other leg is salso moving with it to keep balance even though we never think about it that way. In the robot the concept is the same.