VEX Blaze Alliance

Here is information about the new vex alliance, Blaze. we are a relatively small alliance but have an abundance of knowledge in VEXcode Blocks, Pro V5, and PROS. we also have an active community discussing strategies and building techniques to help make every team have the best season they can. We are primarily in Texas but welcome anyone to apply. If you would like more information about the alliance or to join the alliance, please feel free to pm me.

here is a link to the application:


Do you guys have a team roster or discord server?

The teams as of right now are:

We do have a discord for teams once they get accepted!

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And there’s PiBotics - I’m sold

How do you expect to contact the teams that fill out the form? All the contact info you ask for is a team number. You should also probably ask for skills ranking on the form.

we plan on contacting teams via email, we added a box for that now.

As for skills, we are able to look up the information fairly easily for each competition a team attends. we do take it into consideration but left it out of the application process to keep it a bit shorter.

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U want an elyria team?
I’m from 11124P

I can drive for a 340 and have a 120 code, just have t been to a tourney to post it yet.


You gotta video? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t rn but maybe at some point, I will record it

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Ran this at my tourney tonight

do you happen to know ryan from 11124Z

we don’t have a 11124Z team this year.

I filled out the application for my team