Vex Block IQ-No Brain Connected-USB

New to Vex
Using VEXcode IQ Block program to download to brain. Brain states USB is connected. I was able to update firmware thru the USB. Cannot get the brain to go “green” in the program. States it is not connected. At the same time the brain is reading USB connected.

Hi morrisonp, welcome to the forum.

Is this a school computer? Lots of schools lock down their computers, you may need help getting the software loaded so the drivers load correctly.

When you say you were able to update the firmware, was that using the VEXOS program?

Were you using the same USB cable? Sometimes the microUSB end becomes flaky and does not make a good connection.


Also make sure the VEXosUtility and VEXcode IQ Blocks is not open at the same time.

What type of computer are you using?

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