other than some updates, why is vex-blue incompatible with vex-red? i dont really understand it too much myself, so i was just curious

The Vex-RC (Blue) system is a cost-reduced version of the Vex (Red) system. It is non-programmable, and utilizes a simplified transmitter-receiver pair. The motors in this system do not utilize standard 3-wire hobby PWM, but instead are just 2-wire +/- connections.

It should be noted that the Vex-RC (Blue) motors can be driven off the Vex Programable Microcontroller by using a seperate motor speed-controller unit.

In an effort to reduce cost, the functionality was decreased. Users who cannot live without this functionality should not use the Vex-RC (Blue) system.

Hopefully this answers your questions.

Vex Blue is Vexplorer, Vex Red is the standard Vex Kit…

Only the Controllers are NOT compatible with the other Kits Motors and Transmitter/Receiver systems. The Hardware is compatible.

For the First Tech Challenge (FTC), Vexplorer Hardware can be used (see Page 20, Rule <R5> point a).

red is a lot better:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your right there!

well you just cant buy a robot kit without being able to program it but the camera is pretty cool…

in speaking of the camera, i wish you could get a data reading from it so you can track colors, detect object, etc…

I believe that the wheels and motor system is interchangeable… I havn’t used it myself so I can’t tell you for sure… I saw someone using the vexplorer wheel and motor component with a vex-blue robot… they may have had 2 controllers and receivers but I didn’t notice…

don’t some of the vex sensors do that?

that cleared it up for me and the rest of my group, thank you

light sensor with filter can achieve a color reading (but thats only 1 color)
ultra sonic can detect objects but again only 1 at a time and if you want to plan out your robots path you’d have to do a scan, but with a camera you could just process 1 frame

that would be quite snazzy.

alot easier then grouping 20 ultrasonics and light sensors together (and cost worthy)

yeah, definitely.

There are a lot of things vex should make…

yes but please dont complain about it, i think for just being released for a couple of years and having this many products already is amazing

Vexplorer is vex blue.

If the hardware is compatible does this mean that I can replace the VEX-blue servoes, motors, and controller with VEX-red and have a programable robot?

the only parts that are interchangeable between the two systems are the mechanical pieces, no electronics. but if you wanted to put all standard vex components into the frame of the vexplorer, then you would be able to program it.

In some other thread, it says that the vex-rc microcontroller isn’t the same size as the vex microcontroller.
Sorry that I didn’t include a quote.

You can replace the motors in the Vexplorer, and add on the Vex RX and Microcontroller to make a programmable Vexplorer.