Vex BottleBot rebuilt as the GallonBot

I was always interested in the bottlebot, so I decided to build a similiar design, the GallonBot. The current robot has over 10 sensors. It is able to pour out the contents of a gallon into a cup. I used the robot to help gain funds from companies for the upcoming FIRST competition that we will be participating in. What do you guys and girls think? Any suggestions? The images are in the gallery. I have a video that will be posted as soon as possible.

i have some questions:

  1. Did you build the frame strong enough that it can actually lift a full gallon without bending or breaking frame??
  2. Can it drive into jug and grab without you putting jug between holders??

    i dont really see any need for improvement right now cause it looks efficient and the only improvement could be autonomous programed mode unless you already have it
    so Nice Bot and good luck with more

I have tested the robot with one full gallon of water. It holds up better if there is half a gallon of water. The gear conversion allows the lifting mechanism to lift a lot, but not too much. To answer your second question, the robot needs the holders so that the gallon does not tilt toward one end or the other end of the robot. I have tried programming a code but it becomes a lot more efficient if you use the robot with the remote control. Thanks for your comments and questions.

nice job. it looks like it function very well.:smiley:

Yeah, very awesome. This is something I would’ve thought would be almost impossible with the VEX.

Very cool, lifting a gallon with the robot like that can’t be easy.