Vex brain constantly asking for firmware update

This problem just recently started. Our brain is constantly asking for an update, but when we do update, it asks for it again. Is our robot’s brain broken?

Our brain needed an update as well. It seems you haven’t followed directions. What does the brain say before it asks again?

I expect the brain is just asking you to update the firmware for the other V5 components (controller, radio, battery etc.) connect the relevant part to the brain using a smart cable and follow the instructions on the screen. This might happen a few times until everything is updated. If you use multiple batteries/controllers with the robot then you may need to update all of them. My advice would just be to follow the instructions on screen and update everything.

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Yup, that’s what we did. It also asks to update controller as well after the brain.

if the computer keeps updating it when you go to update it then you might not be finishing the update.

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Yeah, we soon realized it was the controller in need of updating

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