Vex brain is blinking red with full battery

I would try the motors with no load on them (i. e. take them off the robot) and see if they still make the weird sound. If they do, it’s a problem with the motors and they might be done for, but they could also be fixed with troubleshooting. If they don’t make the noise, then gradually increase the load on them and see when / if they make the noise. That point would probably be the point you wouldn’t want to put them past on your robot.

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Ok I tryed what you said and it did not make the weird sounds, also when I put it back in with the robot it started moving. Also I increased the sporket ratio and it is back and running no issues.

Thank you


Here’s a trick: When at the home screen, press “X” and navigate to “System Info”. Press the check button, and you should see a few numbers at the top. One of them should be the battery percentage. From my experience, the battery icon is dependent partially on current battery usage.

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