VEX Bundles

I was just wondering if anyone knew why to buy 6 classroom super kits it costs 7794 but if you buy the classroom super bundle with 6 it costs 7799 ( I get it its five dollars but still why the difference individually versus a pack). It is the same for Starter kit versus starter bundle maybe @jpearman @DRow or anyone else can explain

It’s a $5 discount and it then well priced under a 1000 price point. When you play budget vs spending at a district level, that makes a difference if building admin can sign vs district level.

Remember there is no correlation between cost and price, and being able to move the price to meet consumers upper limit of what they can pay without additional approval is the “profit zone”. You’ll see this in Econ 102 - Retail economics.


So why is it cheaper to buy them separately shouldn’t the bundle be the same price for the same parts?

It’s the same concept between lower prices at Costco for buying in bulk (or any wholesale retail place) and slightly higher prices for individual goods at a regular super market. If that doesn’t sound familiar, then I’m not sure what analogy is better (at least from my limited understanding).

its cheaper to buy them individually
more expensive to buy the pack

exact opposite of your analogy

Bundles receive free shipping. Individual kits do not.


oof I read that completely wrong

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