VEX C++ Autonomous Blocks: A Shorter Solution

Hi there! I’m Orin. I’m the programmer for team 44691X: The Blonde Boiz. Now that VEX Coding Studio has been released, I’m sure many of you have noticed how long programming autonomous can take. It can be rather frustrating, what with constantly rewriting/copy-pasting so many commands, when it could all be made so much more simple. Ben (programmer for team 44691T: General Disappointment) and I decided to make a system to shorten autonomous, and we call it the VEX C++ Autonomous Blocks (VCABs). We wrote functions for chassis movement, which is the majority of autonomous coding. To get instructions for how to use these blocks, open “VCABs Usage.pdf”. I hope we’ve made your life easier with our system.

I would look at VEXCode multimotor drive support in the SDK looks promising and may simplify your endeavor even more.

Also note that AFAIK writing to and clearing the controller screen takes 50ms each time you do it, so some of your code is essentially sleeping for over 250ms before actually doing anything. Added up, this can waste valuable seconds of the autonomous period.

Just a small typo :wink: