Vex C++ Pro on Vex IQ Brain

Is there any way to use the Vex IQ brain with C++ Pro from Vex EDR? I am on the verge of tearing my hair out with robotc and it’s lack of features.

What features specifically are you missing?

passing arrays to functions, returning structs from functions, generally pointers, heap variables and memory allocation, and just the overall lack of C in a language called RobotC

Hardware, firmware, APIs different, so AFAIK can’t. Looked at RMS?


I have, and when i tried to use it my program too up the remaining stack space on the brain so i could’nt run it. Ill take a look again and see if i can make it work

Have to modify program to work within hardware limits. How simply can you get the actions you want…

I’m really curious about what you’re trying to make the bot do…

I’m doing an internship at Lockheed Martin and they issued a challenge to make the bot find and retrieve objects on a field around 8x8 ft fully autonomously. I have experience in FRC and so I thought I would implement forward and inverse kinematics as well as a pure pursuit path following algorithm to be able to correct for errors or bumps in the path. Keep in mind all we have is the superkit lol. We also have to launch the objects into a “safe zone”

So I got a lot of work cut out for me.


using vex iq? wait wut

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Yep vexiq we can 3d print parts but everything else has to be from the kit


oof they offered you an internship? neat.

but i’m still confused why they challenged you… using vexiq parts.

It’s a … Challenge!

Would love to see a video when you’re done… :slight_smile:


Will try and post, I can’t take videos or picture on campus but I will try and bring it home one day


This sounds really cool! Following with interest!

I made progress today!

I have a basic path follower working in Robot Mesh with python. I think there is a bug with converting units or distance but it seems to be working decently… I basically translated this java code to python. The only issue is that it takes around a !full minute! to generate the path on the IQ Brain. I plan on generating the path and just storing them in a global list for the real deal.

You can see my code here.

Here is a video of the mimic doing an S curve shape.


Awesome! Thanks for posting.


Update: I finally have to hardware to test this with aaannndddd… drumroll please…

It doesnt work!

It seems to run out of memory very quickly even at extremely low tolerances. I will have to try and figure out a way to port this to robotc and try to get that working on figure out a different route I want to go down