VEX c++ pro

In the V5 architecture , it says that there will be the block programming, VEX c++ and VEX c++ Pro. Will teams competing in the EDR competition be allowed to use VEX c++ Pro, or will it only be allowed for VEXU because it is labeled “pro”?

I can’t speak officially, but VEX has allowed any programming language so long as communication with VEXnet happens properly. So I can’t see why VEX C++ Pro wouldn’t be allowed. Also, at inspection they don’t look at your code, so how would they even be able to make a ruling on it? So it would seem to be totally impractical to rule against it as well.

At the end of the day, it’s all just binary that’s stored somewhere on the cortex. Heck, you could program your robot in assembly and nobody would know the difference.

What differentiates the two, and how are they different from the C++ offered by PROS?

VEXpro C++ should be quite similar to PROS 3 with C++ since it’s full industry standard C++ along with any libraries VEX has also built for it. VEX C++ is a slimmed down version of C++ to create a “safe environment.” It’s missing a bunch of more advance things that are standard to regular C++. At least, this is what VEX currently says.