[Vex C++] Redefinition of Competition

In Vex C++ whenever you select the option to make a project a competition project (the blue square right by the option to save or name) in the competition template, it causes a weird error

12:23:18 -- error -- In file included from cxx_entry.cpp:16: 
./main.cpp:9:21: error: redefinition of 'Competition' 
vex::competition    Competition; 
./robot-config.h:3:18: note: previous definition is here 
vex::competition Competition; 

However, when you deselect the competition project option, the error goes away.
Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding what the competition project option does?
Competition Template.vex (7.5 KB)

yea, it’s a known bug. Either select the checkbox or add the vex::competition instance, just don’t do both.

@jpearman Thanks for letting me know