Vex cad files not working

Hello, when i try to import my files they don’t show up, can you guys help?

Well, it would help if we had a little more information. What CAD program are you using?

Autodesk inventor professional

I use that. It’s a good program. What files are you using and what are you trying to do?

I am using the files for vex parts and am trying to import them into one bigger file to make a model.

Are you making an assembly (probably a bad question)? Can you link where you got the files from? Is inventor giving you an error message of any sorts?

Yes i am making an assembly, this is the link:

and no, there is no error message

So you go into assembly, try to place a part, and nothing happens. Correct?

Kinda, when i try to import it, I open all the folders, but the actuall files just don’t show up.

Are the parts in Inventor Part file format? You may need to import as a different file type or convert the files.

how do i convert files?
and what does it need to be converted into?

To convert the files, open them as a part in Inventor. To get them to show up, you may have to change file type to any.

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