Vex CAD Hinge

On the Vex page for Hinge it says the thickness of a Hinge is 0.046", however when I measure it in Inventor it is actually 0.055".
Does anyone know which one is correct?

I just checked the .step file from the VEX website (which should be the official specification), and it confirmed your measurement of .055 in the CAD (using SolidWorks). This is the standard thickness for VEX Aluminum parts. I haven’t bought hinges in a while, but maybe VEX switched from steel to aluminum for the hinge material without updating the printed specification (.046 CR steel). Can anyone who has bought hinges recently confirm the current material?

Don’t Vex Aluminum parts have 0.064" thickness?

@tmwilliamlin168 --you’re right, standard aluminum is .064" (so we don’t really know why the VEX cad is at .055 inches). I’ll be in the lab Tuesday and throw a mic on some hinges to see what they really are.

I recently bought vex hinges, and they are not aluminum. However, they are not like the rest steel pieces, as they look to be chrome plated instead of zinc plated. So they are likely a different thickness than either the steel or aluminum pieces.