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This may be in the wrong forum, and is a double post but i’m not going to have any internet access for a while past monday (or tuesday depending where you live). So i’m trying to ask around in hope of a higher chance of getting an answer.

Back to the point, is there any way to modify the Linear Slide in Inventor so that the two parts can move independantly from another? I’m creating a hanging mechanism to check out the size and parts needed and I have an idea which should save alot of space.

Also, how do you attach chain to gears in a figure of eight and that it recognises it and moves the gear as well.

I’ve attached what I’ve done so far, which shows how oversized the robot is with the current beams. Although since i’ve figured out how to constrain the gears with the right ratios, I can move any axle or gear and everything moves like a physical robot should so I can figure out if the mechanism works or not.
hanging bot.jpg

Attached is a slide assembly (in a zip archive) I’ve made that allows the two slides to move independently. Place the file “slides.iam” in your assembly, and set it to “Adaptive.” (In the Model pane, right-click on it and select “Adaptive”)

[ATTACH]3682[/ATTACH] (1.78 MB)

Thanks heaps for that, you should add it to the user submissions in VEX CAD.

In regards to my first post, I’ve attached what I though was everything to finish the chain. But when I try and constrain the last two links there is always an error, The photo’s I attached give you some idea of what i’m doing.

You can see in the photo’s i’ve attached a few work axi to each chain link so everything will line up, but something still isn’t working. If anyone could tell me how to constrain chain it would be a huge help.
Chain 1.jpg
Chain 2.jpg

The distance between the chain links is greater than none (i.e. your chain has “slack” and can’t physically reach the other link)

While I didn’t fully understand your answer, do you know how to constrain the chain so that the last two links meet? As i’m fairly sure there’s the right number of links.

I am somewhat desperate for an answer as I am currently at the bottom of the South Island in NZ so internet is quite limited.

Okay first I would suggest turning one of both of the sprockets to pull the one side tight, and after you have done that try constraining them again. It looks like there are plenty of chain links, so I would try that. I had a similar problem, and you may have to eventually just remove one of the constraints from the sprocket and chain.