Vex CAD (Or Protobot) Web Versions

I switch between laptops a lot, one is a chromebook, and one is an actual Windows laptop. While on the Windows laptop, I can open Protobot Beta 1.3 and work on a CAD design there. But when I am on a chromebook, since it has a different operating system, it cannot open these programs. I was wondering if there was a Protobot web version, or something like it? If you know of a website like this, if it even exsists, would you mind linking it? (Also, it would be desirable if I could download from the website and be able to upload to Protobot on a Windows computer and vice versa.)

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You are able to use Onshape (Onshape). Here is a Library of parts from the VexCAD project (I believe Mactar) (VexCAD library). Here is a video tutorial for it (Mactar tutorial).

Onshape is completely web based, you can get a free account as a student, and it is more flexible for use than protobot (you can export stuff, and make non Vex things). Don’t get me wrong, Protobot is cool, and a web based version would be sick, but that is not offered yet.