Vex Cad

Besides the VEX CAD at, does anyone know of any other Vex CAD? Or does everyone just use the CAD from that website?

I would reccomend you buying the solidworks student edition software. Solidworks is a $5000 program but you can get Solidworks for 2 years for $89.
You can later download the Vex parts and start building your models.
If u have any questions PM me.

Is there a free cad down load so I can at least see the cad models of vex that you have done.:rolleyes:

You can download e Drawing 2006 on for free to view my Vex robots. The program is really cool. It will allow you to rotate the model and examine it.
The website is

Once I install the Edrawings download how do I view your robots or other CAD files?

I’m gonna have to send them to u

Ok, if you can put them on an attachment to a post then go ahead but if you need to email them to me then my email address is [email protected]

I have emailed you a basic squarebot robot for the eDrawing program. You can rotate it and zoom in, it is really cool. If you press the play button on the toolbar it will play an animation for you. I hope you will consider buying the Solidworks Student Edition program that created this. In solidworks you are able to render models to make them look really realistic and even make animations

Isn’t it cool?

It is amazing!