Vex CAD!

I was really thinking about this for new users i think that vex should really have a simple cad program for the robots kind of like Google Sketchup.

I am not the biggest CAD person, i cannot use solidworks and inventor ect… fast enough to the point where building a model of a robot might take a few hours.

I think that this cad program should be able to EASILY assemble every piece that vex has made and you should be able to import new models as they are released.

And if you consider this,

Make sure you can take screenshots of the model and save as images like .jpg

And if at all possible simple animations with motors would be off the hook.

This might be expensive to develop as you have to hire programmers but you could charge a good $50 for the program to compensate.

Well please think this over, i really think it is a good idea.

Right now you can do all this fairly easily with solidworks, it’s not too hard to use once you have some idea of what you are doing. In the past I requested that VEXLabs release a tutorial or guide and JVN said that he would consider it. At this point I’m sure everyone at VEXLabs and IFI are very busy so I have no idea if this will ever happen.

Link to thread where request was made.

With the current Vex CAD library, you can easily assemble an entire robot within a few hours even if you are a beginner.

The only command you need to assemble parts is MATE and all of the parts that you need are in the CAD library.

Solidworks and Inventor have really good realistic renderers to make images look realistic in a second and you can capture pics of the models also.

In my opinion making a CAD program just for VEX is a lot harder than just using the fairly simple 3D CAD programs that exist today.

I would consider looking into the Solidworks Student Edition program. It allows you to sample the full functionality of the proram for 2 years and only $100 dollars. Inventor has similar deals for Students.


inventor gives tons of software to students for free, revit, inventor, electrical, autocad, etc… i have taken advantage of this and might be teaching other students to use them, look on my website under My CADs I can do a vex CAD drivetrain in a few hours, it can take a while though