VEX Camera Legal?

Can you us a VEX Color Camera on your robot. They are discontinued on the store, but if I had one could I use it during competition?

According to this thread they are. But that is from 2012 so it might have changed.

All previously legal components are still legal according to <R5d>:

To clarify, the VEX Camera isn’t a sensor used like a PIXY; it’s basically a GoPro with livestream capabilities. It will also take up a motor port, so you might want to reconsider whether it is worth it.

I believe you can have it on your robot and I think you can record the image, however you can not use the image from the camera for for feedback to the drive team during the course of a match.

Nope. This is 100% illegal. Since the camera is part of the vexplorer lineup, <R10> B applies:

<R10> B :
“Electronics from the VEXpro, VEX-RCR, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by Hexbug product line are prohibited including all VEXplorer electronics.”

However, they would not be using it for a functional purpose, so it would be legal as long as they are not live streaming the match from the robot to a screen in the drive team box being viewed by any of the 3 drive team members. I don’t see how it would be a problem as long as your not using it to do something like pick up a star (which doesent seem practical)

Judges are really picky when it comes to what they consider non-functional. If I were you I would stay away from putting this on my robot.

Lol its basically the same thing as a go pro, I think most judges wouldnt even recognise a vexplorer part and likely would likely not even ask about it just like no one asks if someones underglow LEDs are going to be used to pop out and score stars, as both scenarios are highly unli

If it was plugged into the cortex though…

You should be able to plug things into the cortex legally if they’re non functional, such as LED strips that you can control within robotC. Also, it would be illegal to power the the camera without the cortex, as the manual says external power sources are prohibited.

But, this is still illegal, and here’s why:

As you stated, if all they were using it for was to record and not send the data wirelessly, then it would be legal; it would be like using a GoPro. But, due to how the camera works, this is not the case. To get any type of output from the camera it would require you to send the data over the air to a receiver. But, as it’s written in the manual this is not legal:
“<R10> Robots must ONLY utilize the VEXnet system for all robot communication.”
This would make the camera illegal to use during competition.

I mean unless you don’t even want to power it on, then it would probably be legal. Maybe you could paint two of them red and use them as eyes for decoration. But at that point, you just waisted $150.

I agree with this analysis. Because it does not record locally and instead transmits over the air, it is illegal.

But it could interfere with the communication of the game… I’m not saying it would interfere with the VEX keys, but it could cause issues with communication to the internet.

Which is why we think it’s illegal. And there’s a good chance it would interfere with VexNet keys, which operate on a standard Wi-Fi frequency.

^^^ Exactly.