vex camera processing?

i am aware that the vex camera sends the data to the reciever, and that has to be hooked up to a telivision display of some sort. is it possible to do any processing with the microcontroller? where as it is able to revieve the camera’s imput and use it for something?

I have no idea but that would be awesome, we do this on our FRC robot.

Nope, not with the VEX Camera. The way it interacts with the microcontroller is getting power from it.

ok yeah thats what i thought magicode. i was planning on using it in competition where i can just look thru a monitor for 1st person control, but bringing a monitor would be kind of a pain

The VEX Camera is a Simple Wireless Camera and Receiver… For Image Processing with the Vex Controller, something like the CMUcam2 is what you would be using…

I don’t believe that VRC would allow it, but other types of competitions might…

CMUcam2 were used by USFIRST, FRC competitions, so there are Programming Examples available too.

And you can use it in VRC College level too :slight_smile:

ok so with the vex camera, no way processing. the CMUcam is a separate camera, with processing support, coded in java? and thats absolutely not allowed right?

ST was at Worlds last year demonstrating a vision system for Vex…


I wish I could have seen that. When I was in Dallas for Clean Sweep, I remember talking to a guy at the EasyC booth about a vision system that was being developed for VEX.

Do you remember any details that you could share?

Other than that it could find a red ball on a field, I don’t remember much… :o

I think they said it would be released sometime soon, but I’m not 100% sure if it was ST being done working on it, or VEX being done working on it…

I’ll see if there’s any update at World this year… :wink: