vex capture the flag

In this thread, we started to discuss how a vex capture the flag game would work.
Please continue the conversation here.

I started a great idea :smiley:

Here’s the first part of the conversation:

So, let’s start off with the flags. How many flags would each alliance have and what other objectives should there be?

First of all, I would say that it would have to have the same size limits as NBN so that wallbots don’t dominate the field.

There should be obstacles all over the field; it shouldn’t be easy to go from one side to the other.

Maybe there could be upwards expansion, but no horizontal expansion. Then the flags could be mounted high up.

Yes, I believe there should be a horizontal limit but vertical is allowed

Dangit you beat me to it XD

But then again… you could just make a skyrise lift for it

Maybe the flags should be up a horizontal shute (clear plastic) that way vertical lifts wouldn’t work.


I’m thinking that there should be red and blue pallets that can only be moved by their own team.
They could be used as obstacles that would need to be climbed over.
Maybe they could be worth points if stacked, or bonus points if made into a platform and climbed onto.

That would be interesting, (especially if they were large and heavy, maybe requiring teamwork.) It could end up as a wall building game. It could cause teams to build robots with legs…

To make it harder to get to your opponents side, there should be a wall through the center of the the field (Sand Attack) that you are only able to go through at 12" vertical or smaller

The pallets could start as a wall in the center.

That would be cool

What if there was slidable objects that blocked portions of the gap? they could be used as defence, but there would always be gaps.

Where would the flags be, and where would they be scored?

I think the pellets would be enough as is… I believe that 1 robot from each alliance would need to defend their flag.

You would take your opposites flag from their corner of the wall and then bring it back to your end. Their would be multiple flags, only one would be placed in the high flag area at a time. Once a robot has taken the flag of the ally or enemy, another flag will be added (4 max).