so, am a big fan of the vex cast and i was wondering when they start broadcasting the new season and strategies for starstruck

Hey there!
Great to see withstanding interest in the VEXCast. We have all been very busy over the past few weeks, with exams, finals, you name it.
Due to some technical problems the first few times around, we are adopting a new strategy to ensure that we can still deliver quality content, without the lack of technical quality. Our next episode will not be live. We have created a poll for viewers to submit questions:
We will choose the best questions, and answer them in the video. Each of our group’s members specializes in different aspects (strategy, mechanical, programming), and the most knowledgeable person from the category that pertains to your question will give you an answer.

If these work out well, we will slowly work our way back to a live show, or at least, a live segment.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

@g_sawchuk I think, when you try streaming live again, you should stream to youtube instead of twitch. I’d prefer a steady high quality stream to a personalized good looking one any day, so just live streaming a hangouts call would definitely be preferred.

Thank you for the input. We will definitely take that into consideration, as we have previously discussed switching to Youtube, and it certainly is a possibility.

I know I’m digging up an old thread, but is the plan for Vex Cast to still exist this year?

We’ve decided against continuing due to a lack of commitment from all of our parts. (Most of us are applying to colleges to this year). If the demand is high enough, we’d reconsider hosting it!

But for the time being, I urge you to subscribe to @g_sawchuk 's weekly newsletter :slight_smile: