Vex "Celebrities"

@CarCar @Railgunawesome @ketchup @MasterCole @Doctortictac @squiddy_slapper @RNA @PixelatedBluee @enothecool DRow
I see them alot, I can’t off the top of my head think of anybody else, but I’d like to know if you guys can think of more.


me somewhat. im kinda infamous for reviving threads

put drow but dont @ him

Why not @ him?
20 char


We don’t ping Drow unnecessarily. I am guilty of this

yep he dont like it and might end up closing the thread

I’ve done it twice in the same thread in my same repost…

BUTTERNUBS IS a CELEBRITY. Yay i feel special

Yea! I haven’t seen you as much as CarCar, but I know you’re a pretty big regular, that’s why I added ya :smiley:

Why is this in the vex iq general discussion thread?

This gonna get locked. RIP

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drow might be flattered we put him and spare it


I just clicked one. Should I have put a different one?

Err… This is probably going to get locked anyway, so no reason to provoke him anyway,

Yeah, put it in a thread that actually relates to the topic, not just some random one.

why u at me again mate @RNA im talking to u

I’m new to the forum, I’m not sure how to.

It was ButterNubs that @ you.