Vex certification

Does anyone know when the VEX EDR Certification will be back up and running? As a new teacher of Robotics I found it very helpful and then they stopped it for “revisions.”
Thanks in advance!


The last we were told V5 EDR Educator certification/training was being updated to the new STEM Labs and VEXcode … The estimated time to release was end of September. Despite the misstep of pulling it offline, they could have kept the old STEM labs and VCS up until the V5 VEXcode was ready, they have been good at supporting the community with quality these past few months.


I think the reason they took it down before the new one was released was so that teachers wouldn’t get used to training their students with Vex Coding Studio, and so when the new one is released the teachers would have to make an undesired switch inside of their time.

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nope - it had simply to do with the quantity of changes with STEM Labs and new VEXcode It made more sense to the team to take down the old version.

regardless - they are going in the right direction.

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