VEX Change Up Early Season Reveal

This is our early season reveal let us know what you think. REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS OF OUR ROBOT.

64811A OverHeat


Nice. Will probably do quiet well against snails, at least for the early season.

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Nice reveal but sorry to tell you snail op for now

We know that it is really good but we have some strategic reasons for this design.

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Yes that makes sense. I can understand that.


pretty good as far as trays go.


Just question because I think it is kinda funny. Have you tried making trays that can hold 6 - 10 balls

No😂 we find that kind of unnecessary. Also if it held that much it would slow the lift down, we’re trying to get this robot as fast as possible.

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Yah that. I just think it would be awesome to go to a competition and see a team doing that

Yah it would if we ever decide to do that we’ll post it😂


Thanks. That would be interesting just because of the fact that they are so big

Yep. We might do it just for fun but I don’t think we’ll use it at a competition.

Yah I don’t think it would be a great idea

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Nice robot, if you’re using 4 motors for the drivetrain anyway, why don’t you use an X-drive?

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I did think a bit about that today but for now we’re just focusing on everything else sped up and working perfect.

X drive go slow. Tank drive go zoom


:joy:ok I will take your advice it would be nice to move around the way the x drive does, but speed is what we are going for.

X drives are faster than tank drives anyway…?


No not if you speed it up

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X Drives are √2 times faster than tank. This has been established already.