Vex Change Up Robot Ideas

Hello, Vex Forum I wanted to gain more insight on different robot designs and mechanisms and I thought the best way to do so is making a post about it. So this is just a general discussion about potential vex designs. Please be somewhat serious because I am going to be reading a lot of these posts and taking people’s suggestions from here.

idk the good one?


Thanks I guess. No offense 1669x this information did not really help

No design should be dismissed as of right now, but taken into consideration. A suggestion would be for you and your team to have a virtual whiteboard session to brainstorm ideas. As of right now robots with trays, and flywheel style robots seem to be most common, but that does not mean they are the only type of robots that will work for this game. Good Luck!

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Okay thank you so much I will do this. I really appreciate this

There are other designs worth thinking and brainstorming about, and besides coming up with a design yourself is much more beneficial.


Just do a snail bot

Or a tray lift

Both work well but snail seems right now better in everything


Really, you think a snailbot is better. May I ask why. I though tray lift bots or conveyor bots would be the better solution for this years problem.

Is a snail bot not a conveyer belt. Also, snails are lighter, faster cycling, low cg, and simpler. The only pro of the 4bar tray is capacity.

That is not a correct statement


But couldnt you make the argument about the speed up time of the launcher. Also what I meant about a conveyor belt was like 97963A’s conveyor belt mechnism.

Can you clarify that JD6. I mean its capacity and lifting towards the goals but thats it

here we go

doesn’t need to lift so it is time effective
can cycle quickly if built right
no flip outs or trays and stuff (besides intakes and maybe hood)

capacity is a little problem but u only need to be holding like 3-5 tbh.

this game is about speed


The robots 97963A have created are considered snailbots for future reference

I will clarify to some extent. There are other POTENTIAL benefits besides capacity. A 4 bar tray such as the ri24hr’s (not MARC’s) has no other benefits besides capacity, that is correct. However 4 bars can and hopefully will have some other advantages, at least if I have anything to say about it

Wait butternubs i think I made a mistake of what a snailbot is. I thought the launcher of a snailbot could only be a wheel but could be a rubber intake or tank tread? Because I classified those as conveyor robots

a snail bot is legit a hood style with either flywheel, intakes, or a conveyor thing

look at other thread explaining snailbots

Okay I understand my bad I completely agree with you that a snailbot is the way to go, I just didnt no there were so many subcatogories for snailbots.

maybe, not always

maybe not always

maybe not always


true-trays can cycle fairly quickly if built right

I mean intakes flip out for both trays and hoods, and trays have tray and hoods have hood. Equal flip out right?

mostly true

and about resources. Don’t forget that. Resources AND speed, both.

That is true however the takeaway is if built right. That means it could be a lot more time consuming and diffcult to design build and coding

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if built right

if built right

you don’t need to lift and all that stuff like a traybot


tray flip out might rock the robot though like TT

yes and don’t forget strategy