Vex Change Up Robot Ideas

For both designs though; most of the elites will have proper hoods, where as most of the medium will have medium trays I forsee

I mean that could be but there are some medium designs for snailbots that would definely be much more easier to design build and code than tray bots.

I’ve said this from the very beginning but snailbots are inherently better than lifts because it takes less power to transfer a 0.63 gram ball from point A to point B than to transfer a lift worth several 0.63 gram balls the same distance.

As for this, the acceleration time is negligible unless you’re shooting long distances- something not very viable in this game.

Snailbots can also intake while scoring (think scenario red blue red), and snails can score and descore at the same time without wasting motors on a secondary descoring mechanism.
As for capacity, we’ve already seen snails with 6 ball capacity. You honestly don’t need much more than 4, even for skills.
Snails also have an easier time implementing an automatic sorting system.
Snails are better this year and have been since the start of the season, but even more so with the emphasis on descoring in the skills update.


Yes, the key is if both are built right. A large majority of teams will NOT build hoods right.

Doubt. Especially if sliders are used,

very very true

Yeah I complety agree with you Ethan5956f I think overall the snailbot is the better design for this years problem. However, the only con about is the speed up time, however, the speed up time is not that bad compared to other launchers from different problems.

same goes for trays

have you seen some traybots in tt?

yes, that’s when It should be fine

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Speed up time on snails is negligible unless you built it wrong. Lifts deal with acceleration too btw

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Yes, the world’s best hood will beat the world’s best tray, no doubt. That I 100% agree with.


Guys I think this is turning a little bit into an argument and I think these designs are both very good. Again I did play a role for this conversation turning into an argument but I think that has the season progresses we will see how teams treat these designs.

I don’t think there’s an argument. I agree with mostly everything that has been said tbh.

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we are sharing opinions very politely


Okay my bad I thought it kinda sounded like an argument but yet again thats just my opinion.

lift bad lul


I mean, bad for what? Winning worlds, absolutely. Qualifying for worlds? Maybe not. Being competitive? I don’t think so. It all depends on what your definition of bad is and for what purpose it is serving. Trays can be competitive in some regions, so to say they’re bad isn’t really an accurate generalization. To say they are typically less competitive than trays is true however.

but I agree that both designs are good

but why not try to make or build the design that can be competitive everywhere?


this is what I mean

why not try snail bot and see…

one design will eventually rise up to be the god but its gonna be a while

bad is when I don’t like it :angry:


I mean I have my reasons for not building an early season hood. Tbh I wanna push off meta because I want something different. Hopefully if I could set a strong tone as a top team in my region, I can serve as proof that there are more than 1 potential design. I think 72 teams at a comp with the same robot is boring

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Tower Takeover

I respect that.

everyone wants to be op

Yeah I have to agree with ButterNubs the snailbot will be like the world winning bot from turning point world. Of course it wont be the first design of the snailbot that will be winning worlds but it will evolve to a world winning robot. Well in my opinion