VEX changeup Onshape

I’m using onshape right now and today I started designing a very generic chassis with omni wheels. How would I know what sort of spacers to put between the wheel and the c-channels?

Also, I’m trying to make an intake roller, and currently have the sprockets and general structure. How would I put a chain around the sprockets?

Normally for spacers, I do a bit of calculation which consists of finding the length between the metal, subtracting out the thickness of gears, wheels, etc, then if I want the part to be centered, I divide the number by 2. Note, you will get some weird numbers sometimes.

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I don’t use onshape, but I basically just eyeball it, and if I’m a bit short on length I just add extra spacers and make them magically phase into each other. You can fine-tune the spacing when you build, but if you want to save time and effort, don’t do it in CAD.

If u don’t get exact spacing with just spacers u can also use washers

Until you’re ready to make models for rendering that have moving chains, usually just ignore the chain, or more often, make a “simulated” chain, which would really be a quick extruded part that looks like a belt. Make your sketch for the extruded part using the pitch diameters of the sprockets and the center-to-center distance. You can use “top down” construction too, if you know what you’re doing.