Vex Chassie, 6 motors

Can you have a 6 motor drive? If you can, how do you program it on the motors section on vex 5 blocks. Because their is only 2 drivetrain or 4 drive train?


You can have as many motors in a drive as you want. To program it you need to control each motor individually rather than with the default drivetrain blocks.


To program a standard tank drive in vex bocks it would look something like this

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Can you provide an image of what you are talking about

this is how to set up the devices


Actually, the spin blocks don’t need to be in the loop. Because the motors are told to spin in accordance to the stick value, they never stop. This means you don’t need to tell them to spin, because they are already spinning regardless of their velocity.

My team has a six motor drive and we use spin motor at volts for sometime for our Autons if that helps

Programming a 6 motor drive in blocks is extremely difficult (to have an actual good one). Out team had tried and had to switch to Vexcode Pro to actually succeed.

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