Vex Chassis Cover

Ok, most vex robots are open and you can see the micro controller, receiver, battery packs, motors, gears ect…

Now if you robot operates outdoors you might want to protect these things and i found the perfect thing to do just that.

I got a 4ft by 3ft piece of strong but thin steel plating for $7 at homdepot.

I found this in the ventilation section where there is air vents and ducts.
It looks like this but it is a sheet of metal

This stuff is really cheap and i think you guys should pick some up as you could make your robots look wicked sick with this stuff.

I have been able to easily cut this metal with sheers and it is easy to drill holes for the screws.

interesting…i think ill invest in some of this, how bendable is it? also ppls you should check out the sintra PVC they have at under construction materials

Ok i just finished cutting this metal up and i attached it to a simple 4wd drive square bot.

The bot has 4 motors that are gear up to increase speed, a light sensor, and the impenetrable armor plating on the bottom.

Here are some pictures

Armor Plating

To answer your questions

It is very flexible and when i get my parts on Monday i am going to begin work on a large tank like robot with armor plating all over the entire body.

that would look sooooooooooo cool, you should get some flame stickers or something to put on the side

Well when the parts get here i will build a large chassis and attach the treads and the drive system. After that i will add the armor plating on the sides front and back and then i will see if i can build a turret with armor plating on it. After that i will paint the armor black.

So this plating that i got is really good

Its lite
Its strong
Its metal
Its cheap

That sums it up and i think that everyone should get this stuff as using metal from vex is costly.

i think vex should have metals like this available for each of the chassis sizes, but not overprice it like everything else

vex is not overpriced if you think about it, this metal is good and i will get some sometime, it’s commonly available to i dont think VexLabs needs to sell it, if anything they should sell a metal holepuncher to put axle holes in metal like this, i think that would be a popular item

but i believe someone already posted that in new vex product ideas

:eek: it’s 1:07am! oh wellim not the only one, usfirst and chief delphi servers are still sluggish:D :eek:

Looks good and is a great idea. I might try some of it for side armor for the catapult bot our team is making.

Could it count as decoration and be legal in competition because that would be AWSOME?


I got all of my parts, the box weighed 10 pounds lol!

I got

The tri pack metal, hardware, and motion
claw kit
advanced gear kit
claw kit
pwm bundle pack
ultrasonic sensor

I am going to finish my robotic arm right now, after that i will build that armor plated tank i was talking about.

I do not know if this is competition legal as i have never competed.

is this the american version of light?

i doubt it unless you replace velcro with that to add logos and team numbers, etc…

oh and you couldnt cover much of the 'bot because the judge needs to be able to see it

The metal sheet looks pretty sturdy. How thick is the sheet metal?