Vex Chat Room?

I mentioned this in another thread, but I believe it is worthy of a poll. Should the vex website have a few chat rooms?

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yes! but i think it would have to be external because vBulliten or PHPBB (i forget which one vex uses) does not have a chat room option

yeah, if more people are available instead of posting a question, waiting for someone to find it, and post their reply, you could just hit a chat room that someone is in and ask them if they have any ideas.

We should have a chat room, it was originally my idea and [ make rather good chat boxes that can be used anywhere that accepts html]( make rather good chat boxes that can be used anywhere that accepts html)

I would expect that you would rarely find a time where there is more than one other person on the chat room, if one. I’m not saying don’t do, just think about what you already have here, the forum. Do you really need a chatroom?

It would be cool, but I do not know if it would take off.

I voted yes because it would be a faster way to receive needed information/give needed information to other members.

Here’s a nice little chatbox, although I don’t remember there being advertisements last time I used it…

It would be a faster way of communicating with other members. You could have the ability to private message another member with a certain time to be on. I believe it would be a great opportunity to talk with programmers, such as MarkO, and no longer have a need to wait for a new post. Also, almost whenever I am on, there are at lest five members on.

I totally agree:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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That is a good idea, but I am kind of a slow typer, and I have to squeeze responses in during the day, on my Breaks and Lunch, etc… I did setup an AIM account and I have Gaim installed, so I can chat when I have it loaded.

slow typing used to be my problem…but a 2 months in a wheelchair really improved my typing skills, got me started in robotics and programming

jeez now that i think back i used to think that being in a wheelchair sucked, well it got me started in robotics!

well atually cant run as good now and i missed playing outside for about a year (which sucked!)

First robotics in general should get an IRC channal, they could have admins as modds so we wouldn’t have to waitt for the forum to update.

ive went ahead and made one room, visit it at

it seems to work, theotherguy was just on it