VEX choo choo.

I was planning on making a choo choo catapult for this year. I was wondering if anyone had a strong enough design that could launch a star across the field, or at least over the wall from the back. The only problem would be I only have 2 motors to use, It would be I deal to have a 2-5 second fire/reload rate.

5588E has one that can launch over the fence from the middle of the far zone to the middle of the far zone on the other side but it is slow and bends while pulling back… it uses 2 motors as well… they did a 7:1 ratio…

here’s a video of a Team Virus robot being tested. 2 motors, 7:1 ratio…%between%.

Working hard to get ready for the first qualifier in Michigan: the MCCC/Monroe County Fair VEX qualifier on Saturday, August 6…

Its great to see you already have an awesome looking robot. But could you show it in more depth. Like how long does it take to reload, how many of what kind of rubber band are you using, and a better design, like a close up from the back would be excellent, and can you shoot this star over the wall from the back wall. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You’ll probably have to wait until after the event on August 6. Our teams only agreed to release teasers onto the facebook page. :wink:

It will be worth the wait! :slight_smile:

With 3 motors for slip gear it could easily shoot a star up to 12 feet with 2 second reload rate. I don’t know if Choo Choo is that efficient.