VEX Classroom - Competition Kit For Sale

I’m going to sell my VEX classroom robotics kit that I bought a few years ago. They don’t make this exact kit anymore, but it is similar to this kit plus or minus some parts. I’m curious to see if anyone is interested from this forum. If there is, I will post an ebay auction. Asking 450 or best offer. Last time I updated firmware on the joystick/microcontroller was June 2017 and last time I used the hardware was September/October 2017.

Vex arm cortex micro controller
Vex joystick

Tank thread kit

Advanced sensor kit

Analog accelerometer

2 bumper switches

2 limit switches

Booster kit

5X 269 2 wire motors
1X servo module
1X 393 motor

4X 2.75” wheels
4X 4” wheels
4X 5” wheels

See wheel kit 276-2164

Camera only from this kit

Various hardware and tools
Charging cables and battery packs
Extra gears

How much?

$450 obo

If V5 hadn’t just come out…

Well, you can try eBay and we can try fighting for the parts there…

I will post it up on eBay later today. I will add the link to this forum later as well

Here it is