VEX Classroom & Competition Robotics Kits

Details on the new VEX Classroom & Competition Robotics Kits have been posted on the VEX Robotics Web site:

VEX Classroom and Competition Robotics Kits are complete kits designed for use in a daytime classroom or for a team involved in a competitive robotics program.

Use the included Autodesk-VEX Curriculum to start teaching with VEX Robotics, from the basics of engineering, robotics and design all the way up to a semester-ending classroom competition. If you’re fielding a competitive robotics team outside the classroom, these kits include the most popular items used to design and build VEX competition robots.

These kits will be available for purchase in August.

These are a really good idea and I really like them, but why is it that the super kit comes with only 9 motors? Can’t you just put 10 in so that new teams can have a full set?

I agree, it seems only logical to put 10 in… i wonder if there is some kind of explanation?

I may be wrong but I only counted 8 motors in the super kit.

There are (8) motors in the Super Kit:

(4) included in the Clawbot Kit (1 attached to the Claw Assembly)
(4) additional 2-Wire Motor 393s

Based off of the picture I am taking this to mean
(2)Tool, Allen Wrench Small (5/64")
(2)Tool, Allen Wrench Large (3/32")
(2)Tool, VEX Open-Ended Wrench

the equivalent of 2 tool kits because the links they provide make you think it is 2 8 packs of each allen wrench as well as 2 tool kits.

I am looking at this page.

Edit: Okay so I just realized that all of the parts are like this and that the links are just to another page that describe the part not the pack you are getting.

This kit is a great starting point for an elite level VRC team, but that isn’t the only target market.

Not every robot uses 10 motors. Not even all competition robots use 10 motors. For instance, a large number of VEX users will use this kit for competitions within their classroom & district. These smaller competitions will run just fine with 8-motors per robot (or less).

Many teams compete in VRC without the maximum number of motors. We have a broad spectrum of users and have tried to tailor our kit offerings accordingly.


Yes, I always though it was 8, there’s a typo (perhaps?) on this page, it shows 7 motors.

Except when you are aiming to sell at a particular price point. Two more motors means less margin.

Remember the Claw kit contains a motor.

Oops, missed that.

To be clear…
There are (8) 2-wire Motor 393 Modules in the C&C Super Kit:
(1) in the Clawbot Kit pre-installed on the Claw
(3) in the Clawbot Kit “loose”
(1) in the Base of the C&C Super Kit
(1) in the Mechatronics Add-On Kit
(2) in the Programming Add-On Kit


I read “Additional 2-Wire Motor 393” as “2 Additional 393 motors”. Oops.

8 Seems to be more than enough for developing teams.

Still looking forward to these kits :slight_smile:

They look like great additions to the vex product page.

Will the Autodesk-VEX Curriculum be updated to include the Common Core standards? The vast majority of districts seem to be adopting the Common Core, I know we have here in DC and it would be incredibly helpful for our teachers to have those matched with each unit.