Vex Claw Kit motor question

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how many motors you would need in order to function the VEXplorer Claw from the Claw Kit. I have recently seen an enlarged image with two motors under each half of the arm. Is this because you need one motor for each side to open the claw? Please clarify.

Thank you!

i believe the extra motor was probably just for extra torque
i do not think you need two motor, just one per claw

Alright, thanks for reply. Now i’m pretty confident it’ll be worth it to buy. :smiley:

You only need 1 motor to open and close the claw.

Look at my robot, it has 1 motor on the claw.

The other motor that you saw in that picture was probably the wrist part that lets the arm go up and down like i had on my robot.