VEX claw kit

I see you have a VEX claw kit and wondered with was allowed in the competion. and has anyone ever used it to pick up a 3x3x3 cube

Is the Vex Claw Kit legal in the “Elevation” Challenge?

Does anyone know?

Hi, this isn’t really a technical support request, so I moved it out of that forum.

I think if you check this, you will find the answer to your question:

Next time please search before you post.

Good Luck to your team!


The vex claw kit is identicle to the end of the vexplorer…

Here is a video of the vexplorer with the elevation cubes, autoloader, and goals.

Presumably since the Q&A says that the Vex Claw is legal, the small amount of damage to the foam cubes that happens when picking them up by the edge with the Vex Claw is not deemed to be a disqualifying amount of damage, eh?
Without modification, they barely have the opening range to fit around a 3" cube.

The parts being legal for usage does NOT mean any damage done by a robot utilizing those parts is legal. All other rules must be followed in the use of the VEX Claw Kit including the ones pertaining to field damage. This damage will be ruled based on the referee’s judgment as defined by the Elevation rules.

Ex. Yes, VEX Shaft is legal for usage, but if you file it to a point and use it to pick up the cubes like a skewer, you will be DQ’d for field damage.


PS - Yes the VEX Claw Kit will pick up the cubes, but it doesn’t do it very well… I imagine a team could have a very positive design experience by figuring out WHY the claw kit doesn’t pick them up well and designing several improvements. Build and test these improvements. Continue to improve them based on the new things you’ve learned. This is the beginning of an iterative design process which will lead to a successful solution to the “problem” before you. Continue to ask yourself “what can I do to make this mechanism better?”