Vex claw/ robotic design system

Can you connect the Vexplorer claw to the vex robotic design system?

yes, as long as you use one of the motors that has a PWM wire to attach to the microcontroller. i recently got one and have easily attached it onto a robot, and it has a very strong grip!

Since the Vexplorer Documentation describes the Vexplorer Motor wires as PWM wires, I think we need to be more clear about this.

The “Vex” Microcontroller can not directly control the “Vexplorer” motors (if you add some non-Vex circuitry you can marry them up; but they are not compatible out-of-the-box).

So, to use the Vexplorer Claw with the Vex Microcontroller, you need to use a “Vex” motor(s) ( or Servo(s) ( along with that Microcontroller to animate the claw. along with that Microcontroller to animate the claw.)

You may be able to use the Vex Controller’s hardware PWM output pins to drive a simple Dual H-Bridge board. The Dual H-Bridge Board can drive up to two DC motors such as those used by Vexplorer. This would require some Easy C or PIC18 programming to drive the PWM on the Vex Controller from the Starter Kit.

Short Answer:
Yes, you just need to put a motor from the Vex Robotics Design System (not a Vexplorer motor) into the claw. All the mechanical parts from the Claw are compatible with the Vex Robotics Design System.