VEX Clawbot Kit

Details on the VEX Clawbot kit have been posted on the VEX Robotics Web site:

The VEX Clawbot Kit will be replacing the VEX Protobot as the foundation robot kit in the VEX Robotics Design System.

Included as the basic robot in all kits, the step-by-step instructions guide users in assembling the robot as they learn to work with the VEX Robotics Design system.

This kit will be available for purchase in August.

what a great alternative to the Protobot I really like that now you can pick up more objects and it appears that the cortex is easier to reach. it also gives teams a reference when building an arm on there bots. ill have to have the middle school team I’m mentoring build one. I really think this will elevate the level of play and further inspire kids. will the directions be posted online? if so when will they be available?

The Clawbot instructions are linked on the Clawbot page, near the bottom in the ‘Downloads & Docs’ section.

I saw a protobot a thew months ago, they look loads better than the protobot, as well as this, i generally prefer it to the protobot, it can obviously pick up more stuff, think this is a great move forward by vex !

Thank you and please excuse me overlooking that