VEX Code Bank

OK, so I just thought up a cool new addition to the VexForum Forums. What I was thinking is have a place where people can upload their code that they used on their VEX. Obviously there would have to be some sort of “standards” for this but here is the basic idea I had.

Have 2 sections (or have the projects sortable), 1 that would be code written in EasyC (that section would be like, “EasyC” lol), and then the other section would be hand written code (like written in MPLAB or some other IDE, this section could be called something like “Hand C”).

Then, when you upload your code you would have to fill out a little informational form about your code, this would look something like this;

Name: This is the name of your code.
Type: This is where you select either EasyC or Hand C
Description: A short description of what your code accomplishes
Operation Assumptions: What you need in order for the code to function properly. And also where the sensors/motors should be locaced (ie. PWM ports used, where sensors are located (right/left side), etc… and ** 2 Ultrasonic Range Finders. 4 drive motors. 1 Line Tracking Kit.)
Tags: Put some 1-3 word descriptions that your code could be looked up under

I think this would be really helpful to the community as a whole because you could look for code that does what you are looking to do. This could either hold whole code projects, or mere snippets that include some operational line of code that would be useful.

Obviously there are still things that would need to be added in order for this to become a reality, and some more standards would need to be set. But I still think that the community would really enjoy this new function if added.

Please post your comments about this possible new addition.

sounds like a great idea. i would really like to see what kind of code runs in some of these robots.

i like that idea :slight_smile:
also a pic of the bot would be nice

That is a great idea!

You should also have like a rating system, and a proving system…

Have people try it then post if it works or not…

There would have to be a way for the author to tell his users how to set the code to work on their bot.

I agree, which is why in my original post i put the

I should have specified that you should also include where to set everything up. (ie. which PWM ports, which robot side to locate sensors, etc…)

Thanlks for all the feedback!

Are there any VexForum staff that like this idea enough to implement this?

We are considering implementation of this feature.
Please stay tuned.


I would love to see some programming examples.
And could possibly contribute some.

In case people have not yet noticed, the idea was taken to heart and recently added to these forums. Th URL is it is in the top between “Vex Cad” and “FAQ”. Upload some code! I will be doing so shortly. Also, if you upload a whole project (ie. Something like a PID control) it would probably help if you zip up the whole project folder and upload the .zip. But that is just a convenience idea… Have fun with it everyone! and Thanks VEX Forum people!

i think they have added it on the top it says vex code and it is for sharing codes