Vex code Blocks Update causes Gyro issues?

We had a working autonomous program, then we did the Vex Code Blocks update to 1.08, which also forced firmware update to brain.

Now our once working autonomous program causes the bot spin in circles when ever it hits line of code using the gyro.

We’ve tried to just redo the code from scratch but keeps spinning at gyro code.

Another team in our league experienced the same thing with their autonomous program and their bot after they did Vex Code Block Update.

Any ideas?

could you post a screen shot?

Are your motors definitely configured for the correct side? Caught myself out the other day when I reversed the drive train using the arrow, but of course left is then right and right is then left so needed to change the motor ports to reflect…

Nothing changed in the program from when it did work correctly except that vex code blocks updated along with Brian firmware. After that is when it went haywire.

I’ll try to get a screenshot but it’s on a different computer.

We had this problem on our bot, the problem in our case was that the gyro doesn’t work upside down (LED facing down). We flipped it over and it worked fine. Dunno if this your problem, but it worked for me.

We have version 1.09

There is no LED on the IQ gyro.

I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention to it being iq.
Maybe try calibrating / zeroing it before starting?