VEX Code blocks - using inertial sensor in driver control

I’m trying to help my team program their inertial sensor using V5 blocks. We would like to incorporate a ‘brake’ or ‘hold’ function (or even an auto reverse drive) while the robot is in driver control, specifically while driving on the ramp (to prevent coasting backwards and ideally provide better control while balancing). I thought they might accomplish this by using the inertial sensor, and have the hold/stop/auto-reverse be tied to a rotation in the sensor when the robot is on the incline/decline. I’m not really sure how to make this work though.

On a related note, we tried using the ‘set drive stopping’ to brake for anytime during driver control (set just before our forever loop). However, doing this lead our drive to begin overheating after about 25-30 minutes of practice. Since we would like our drive to be useful throughout a day of competition, we are thinking of changing that ‘set drive stopping’ back to coast, and working the inertial sensor in as mentioned above.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!